Museum für islamische Kunst

Museum für islamische Kunst, Raum 1 – 5

Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main, 2009


Museum für islamische Kunst, Raum 1-5 , 2009
The forms of the objects are taken from the orientation-maps of the Museum for Islamic Art in Berlin, situated in the top floor of the Pergamon Museum. The Maps were transformed into objects and were presented with their backside to the front, which is coverd with paint-traces from painting the frontside.







from left to right: Raum 1 25x35x2 cm, Pressspan, Lack, Raum 2, 25x25x2 cm, Pressspan, Lack,
Raum 3, 25x25x2 cm, chipboard, lacquer, Raum 4, 25x20x2 cm, chipboard, lacquer, Raum 5, 25x25x2 cm, chipboard, lacquer